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Sinotruk successfully developed an intelligent on-board weighing system for muck trucks

sinotruk successfully developed an intelligent on-board weighing system for muck trucks

www.6300 Recently, sinotruk Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. successfully developed an on-board weighing system according to the needs of users, and successfully installed it on the SINOTRUK t5g urban muck truck, achieving good results

for the weighing of traditional heavy-duty vehicles, it is necessary to drive the vehicle to the weighbridge to calculate the load weight by measuring the empty vehicle weight and the loaded weight. The process is cumbersome and requires expenses. After the weighing system is installed on SINOTRUK t5g urban muck truck, the weight information can be displayed in real time, and the cargo weight parameters of the transport vehicle can be measured dynamically and in real time, so the cargo weight is clear at a glance. The on-board weighing system developed by sinotruk Qingdao heavy industries has been installed and tested on the 6x4 and 8x4 chassis of SINOTRUK with the order, and the error under comprehensive working conditions is within 3%

the installation and data acquisition of the system are not affected by the chassis and upper structure, and can be widely used in other special vehicles with weighing requirements

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