The hottest sinotruk's active service escorts sitr

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Sinotruk's "active service" escorts sitrak

sinotruk's "active service" escorts sitrak

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Guide: 5000km, 15000km, 30 when the manufacturing industry has just begun to develop in China, 000km is the time to provide customers with warranty. Therefore, the staff of sitrak product department of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of SINOTRUK started a busy day, booking customers Contact the service station in order to reflect the family service of SINOTRUK

"5000km, 15000km, 30000km..." it's time for customers to make a reservation again, so the staff of sitrak product department of Beijing Branch of SINOTRUK Jinan commercial vehicle sales department began a busy day, making an appointment with customers and contacting the service station...

in order to reflect the "family" service spirit of SINOTRUK and ensure that the active service is in place in time, Gao Yunsheng, the branch manager, led the team, Go to the customer residence of Beijing Golden Leaf anshuntong Logistics Co., Ltd. to implement the third 30000km fixed warranty "when checking the body and connecting the power" service for the customer's newly purchased c7h. The computer reads the fault code, checks all switches, and checks the "three leaks"... The service engineer shall repair them one by one according to the active service provisions. After "physical examination", this sitrak is in good health

captain Zhang Xinsheng of the team talked about his driving experience: in order to verify the fuel consumption standard of the sitrak for the driver, he drove two times himself. The fuel consumption of the standard load high-speed transport is about 35 liters per hundred kilometers. The fuel consumption of the imported models with the same configuration is equivalent to that of the imported models with the same configuration as the increase of stress and temperature, but the fuel consumption is 2 times lower than that of other domestic car brands. The sound insulation effect of the cab is very good. It feels like driving a car

boss Liu of the logistics company said: I just heard that sitrak is the most high-end heavy truck in China. At that time, I bought this car with a try mentality. After 30000 kilometers of operation, the car really moved me with practical actions. In order to solve the above problems, especially the new "active service" mode launched by sinotruk has changed the common practice of domestic cars, and the car is more at ease. This year, the vehicle will be updated. Sitrak is the preferred model! For nothing else, it is worth the "active service" of SINOTRUK

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