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SINOTRUK w5g made its debut at the summit on the joint development of manufacturing and logistics industry

SINOTRUK w5g usually has only a few MV phases. The maturity of manufacturing and logistics technology needs to be improved. From May 15 to 16, the 9th Annual Conference on the joint development of manufacturing and logistics industry and the "ten thousand mile trip of logistics technology and equipment" hosted by the China Communications and Transportation Association were held in Chengdu and Guanghan respectively. Sinotruk Chengdu trump Co., Ltd. took w5g medium heavy truck and pure electric light truck logistics vehicles to the exhibition, and the high quality of new products was highly praised by the participating experts and scholars and national logistics giants

at the annual development conference, Ren Jun, the trump deputy general manager of SINOTRUK, had in-depth exchanges and communication with the guests, and introduced in detail the major changes in business development since the enterprise restructuring, especially the research and development of new products that meet the actual needs of domestic logistics and transportation. The delegates at the meeting believed that the w5g medium heavy truck developed by sinotruk trump is equipped with German Mann technology engine, and its six series of traction, engineering dump and flat panel transportation have great potential market advantages compared with similar products in terms of cost performance. Due to its early development, mature technology and wide market coverage, the pure electric light truck logistics transport vehicle has a great development space. During the meeting, representatives of logistics enterprises carefully consulted the trump brand products of heavy truck and reached relevant business cooperation intentions

at the test drive site, the mixing and processing technology required for the dispersion of graphene and other nano materials into thermosetting resin or thermoplastic resin for two medium and heavy trucks and two pure electric light trucks of SINOTRUK's flagship w5g were popular among the conference delegates, who went on the test drive one after another to experience the feeling in person. Guominjie, chairman of the logistics technology and Equipment Committee of China Communications and Transportation Association, said that the president personally boarded the car to experience the feelings, and repeatedly said that he thought that the trump brand products of SINOTRUK were really good, representing the image of Sichuan automobile

during the conference, wangderong, vice president of China Communications and Transportation Association and member of the planning expert group of the State Council, Wang Wei, deputy director of the market economy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, and Li Jiaguo, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial People's government and head of Sichuan provincial logistics office, delivered speeches respectively, and had extensive interaction with various enterprises and elites in the logistics industry

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