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"Precise customer visit" Jilin station of SINOTRUK Jinan Special Vehicle Company received orders

sinotruk Jinan Special Vehicle Company "precise customer visit" Jilin station received orders

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recently, The international influence of SINOTRUK Jinan Special Purpose Vehicle in China's plastic machinery industry has been continuously improved. Wangjinhao, deputy general manager of the company, led the marketing team in the North District to visit a number of waterwheel units in Jilin Province, benchmarking market demand and promoting "man" technology products. During the visit, an order for 10 man engine sprinkler was signed with a garden company in Changchun

"green leaf" brand sprinkler takes man technology chassis and combines its own advantages to successfully introduce its products into the garden sanitation market. So far in 2016, the northeast region has won more than 50 sets of man technology chassis sprinkler orders to select the appropriate force measurement range

this precise visit mainly recommended the "smart heavy truck" app software to customers to realize the functions of one click repair, appointment, and purchase of accessories

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