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1、 Standard practice of water and electricity installation:

1. Principle of wiring: horizontal and vertical Special Zhongcai PVC flame-retardant conduit shall be used. The conduit must be fixed in the trunking. When the junction box is connected with the conduit, the lock nut shall be used. A pipe clamp shall be used every 80 cm for the straight pipe and every 20 cm at the corner

2. The socket is on the upper part of the wall. It is vertically slotted upward on the wall and within the installation line of the decorative corner line installed on the top of the wall. If it is on the lower part of the wall, it is vertically slotted downward to the bottom of the installation skirting board. The slotting depth should be the same. After the control line is popped on the wall and the top straight, it should be cut on the wall with a cutting machine and slotted with a machine

3. Use Zhongcai PVC pipe. When bending, use spring to bend, and do not use 90 degree elbow and tee (at this point, we basically do not have this kind of situation at present). When installing the line, we must add protective wire sleeve, and use glue to connect. The sleeve edge connection should be tight, straight, smooth, and the inside of the corner should be cut at the right angle corner. After the arc interface is cut at the side of the incision, bend and install

4. The pipe knuckle depth is moderate, and there is no burr. The pipe joint shall be wrapped with raw material tape for 5-6 turns, and the number of pipe twisted teeth is 5-6 teeth until the joint is tightened, and rotten teeth are not allowed to be connected into the pipe

5. After the conductor is installed in the sleeve, the conductor fixing tool should be used. First fix it on the wall and inside the wall, and then plaster it for concealment

6. It is strictly forbidden to lay the conduit directly under the composite board. (we haven't done a good job on this point at present, and we will communicate with customers in the future. The composite floor must be slotted.) The line pipe under the solid wood floor must be reinforced

7. It is strictly forbidden to lay wire pipes in the kitchen. On the floor of the toilet, prevent water from penetrating into the conduit. (there can't be any conduit on the floor of the toilet, and we must strengthen the treatment on this point)

8. The wire passing through the conduit shall not be greater than 40% of the hole area of the conduit. The wire in the conduit shall not have joints. Wires for different purposes shall not be mixed in one conduit

9. The wire entering the junction box must be guaranteed to have a certain length, 10 ~ 15cm, 100cm for the sound, and put through the hose for the installation and maintenance of switches and sockets

10. The distance between the water installation pipe and the wall should be 1.5 cm, hot on the left and cold on the right, with a spacing of 15 cm

11. The parallel distance between wires and water pipes should not be less than 30 cm, and the cross and bridge distance should not be less than 10 cm. There shall be no joints between wire points, and the concealed wires in the ceiling must be protected by flame-retardant pipes

12. After the acceptance of water and electricity, the trunking can be powdered and leveled, and the wall slot should be filled with 1:3 cement mortar (the wall should be powdered and leveled twice). 2、 Construction process requirements of strong current system

1. Each household shall be equipped with household distribution box. The installation position of distribution box and leakage box: they shall be installed in an easy to operate position for daily maintenance

2. A leakage circuit breaker shall be set in the distribution box, and the leakage action current shall not be greater than 30mA. It has overload and overvoltage protection functions, and has multiple outgoing lines to control lighting, air conditioning, sockets, etc. respectively. Its circuit shall ensure the normal use of the load. The bottom of the box should be 1.8m wider from the ground. The position of the original distribution box cannot be shifted generally. If it needs to be shifted, a transition box should be added, and the scheme should be determined with the design and the supervisor. The construction can be carried out under the guidance of the supervisor

3. The circuit layout is that each air conditioner has its own way, so the lighting is one way, and the kitchen socket is one way, (kitchen and bathroom single discharge sockets, bathroom electrical facilities and bathroom sockets are one-way, so ordinary sockets are one-way except kitchen and bathroom. Different room types can refer to the above methods.

4. The zero line and ground wire of the two lines cannot be shared. The two lines cannot pass through the same pipe, and the parallel distance between the wires and heating, hot water and gas pipes should not be less than 300mm, and the cross distance should not be less than 100mm

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