How to check and accept the decoration completion

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How to check and accept the decoration completion

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Q: Recently, the decoration of my house is about to be completed, but I'm a little worried that the decoration quality is not up to standard. How can I check and accept the decoration after completion

answer: disputes caused by home decoration are increasing. In order to satisfy both decoration companies and consumers, it is best to ask relevant supervision companies to supervise the construction during decoration. In addition, consumers also need to know how to accept

in addition to the overall effect of decoration, the acceptance mainly depends on whether the manual quality is satisfactory. The following aspects can be identified by referring to the provisions of Beijing on quality acceptance of home decoration projects:

1. The laying of lighting circuits should comply with the regulations, sockets, lamp switches, master switches, leakage switches, etc. should be of moderate height, kitchens and air conditioners should be laid by special lines, and TV antennas and telephone special lines should be installed at locations convenient for maintenance

2. The drainage is smooth, without leakage, backflow and ponding, and the high-grade water parts are free of clamp marks and scratches

3. The newly built wall should be vertical, the horizontal plane of the brick body should be consistent, the joints should be uniform and neat, and the height difference should not exceed 0.5mm

4. The surface of the plane ceiling is flat, and the allowable deviation is 2mm; The joint is straight, and the allowable deviation is 2mm

5. The allowable deviation of fine wood products is: the height difference at both ends is not more than 1mm, the surface flatness is not more than 1mm, the installation difference at the lateral position is not more than 2mm, the allowable deviation of the flatness of the upper and lower openings is 2mm, and the allowable deviation of the perpendicularity is 2mm

6. The paint should be smooth, with good hand feel, no sweep marks and cracks, and no color difference and nail holes within one meter

7. The wall surface is flat and straight, without obvious convexity and color difference. Touch and wipe with hands without throwing ash





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