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On March 25th, 2017, China (Shanghai) International Construction Trade Expo came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition of Yifa doors and windows achieved remarkable results and showed brand charm

on March 25th, 2017, China (Shanghai) International Construction Trade Expo came to a successful conclusion. Yifa doors and windows achieved remarkable results and showed brand charm

Yifa doors and windows, known as "Oriental top grade", is located at No. E20, the first floor of hall 2, in a very good location. The product style of Yifa doors and windows on display this time still inherits the "new Chinese style" style. The products are simple and beautiful, relaxed and natural, injected with Chinese elegant artistic conception, and make the space exude an indifferent and distant humanistic charm

some exhibition products

Yifa door and window products are exquisitely designed, attracting a large number of visitors to the exhibition. In particular, it attracted the jury of the designers association to visit and guide, and the product design was recognized and praised by the jury. Wu Yao, director of Yifa business department, received the jury of the Designers Association on behalf of Yifa doors and windows

on March 22, the designer jury visited the Yifa door and window exhibition hall

during which they also received exclusive interviews and reports from more than a dozen media, including Huiya information, Zhonghua door and window network, China building materials network, fangtianxia and Sina home

the exhibition products also attracted a large number of dealers to consult and join, and some dealers specially inspected from Shanghai feifoshan headquarters for "seeing is believing". During this period, nearly 20 dealers including Shaanxi Shangluo general manager Guo, Yunnan Wenshan Wang general manager and Yunnan Zhenxiong Yu general manager successfully joined Yifa doors and windows

in 2017, we continued to strictly screen from the perspective of high quality, efficiency, innovation and development, adhering to the strategy of "only choosing business, not attracting investment", although during this period, we will refuse a large number of interested customers to join the camp of Yifa doors and windows. However, the company is committed to building a distributor with pioneering spirit that can play a unique role in the regional market. For Yifa doors and windows, it is not only to choose a simple franchisee, but also an ally that can create the future

among the directors, Chen Xiao said: I don't think investment invitation is a move! The most important thing is to attract like-minded dealers. There is a saying in the marketing industry that "those who get channels get the world". The channel here is not to recruit dealers. What we want is to really attract the hearts of dealers. So our focus this year is not to blindly attract investment, but to establish key dealers and large areas it can affect. Yifa group will adopt Chairman Mao's method of establishing revolutionary base areas to establish dealer influence areas, rather than a single dealer. For the dealer area, we will invest in large-scale advertisements, including anti-aircraft advertisements, high-speed railway station advertisements, to help our dealers seize the commanding heights of brand communication; Establish a model market based on the area, and help dealers improve their business level through large-scale active marketing activities and training

Yifa doors and windows gained a lot in this Shanghai Construction Expo, which fully demonstrated the competitiveness and brand charm of Yifa doors and windows. Four months later, the Guangzhou Construction Expo will kick off again. See you in Guangzhou




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