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Congratulations to Meijia Shunjing for signing 6 franchised stores in a day. Congratulations to Suzhou processing operation center and Changsha processing operation center. Here, for the rapid development of Meijia Shunjing, partners are full of passion and enthusiasm

first of all, let's insert three newsletters from our company:

newsletters 1:

congratulations to Meijia Shunjing for signing six franchised stores one day, Suzhou processing operation center and Changsha processing operation center. Here, for the rapid development of Meijia Shunjing, partners are full of passion and enthusiasm

newsletter 2:

Meijia Shunjing officially hired president Huang, a senior practical expert in terminal marketing and community marketing, as the marketing consultant of the "Meijia Shunjing" brand to participate in our marketing and terminal operation. At the same time, Mr. Huang is also the head of Meijia Shunjing Suzhou processing and operation center, our partner. I believe that this innovative "partner" mode, in-depth cooperation, resource sharing, maximized resource utilization and platform co construction, will bring a new look to the aluminum alloy door and window industry

newsletter 3:

warmly congratulate Meijia Shunjing wechat official account on its total number of users breaking through 5000. Since its launch on March 22, it has made achievements in just one month. Thank you for your support and affirmation. Meijia Shunjing people will work harder, constantly pursue and explore in the "partner" mode and system management services, and strive to do better


on May 8, president Huang, partner of Meijia Shunjing and head of Suzhou processing operation center, shared the "o2o community marketing operation plan for doors and windows" with Meijia Shunjing marketing team. President Huang has rich practical experience in community marketing, and has many successful community marketing cases. Through ppt with pictures and texts, he made a systematic explanation and in-depth communication on how to build a "dragnet" community marketing

why should we talk about community marketing

because social marketing can bring a huge amount of communication and massive customer involvement

what is community marketing

community is a circle, and community marketing is a marketing model generated by the trust of people in this circle

in the past two years, the rise of wechat has continued the influence of microblogging. Wechat has more accurately divided different communities with strong relationships, which have also been used by many businesses, and wechat has developed rapidly

in the era of mobile Internet, don't underestimate the power of any community. Community will bring huge wave effect, which will have a great impact on the business mode of enterprises. As long as community influence is used properly, it can find infinite potential for enterprise development

marketing concept in the era of community

the power of community can not be underestimated, and the business potential contained in the community can not be ignored. The development of mobile Internet has changed the mode of information dissemination, and the development of digital community has also changed the marketing mode of enterprises. Community marketing is becoming more and more important

what is the key to community marketing

the most important thing of community marketing is to have an opinion leader (so-called group leader, blogger, etc.). Under the leadership of opinion leaders, community marketing can quickly establish trust and transfer value with group members

in the Internet era, we should pay attention to extreme thinking, so is community marketing. With opinion leaders, we should also have good products or services, be able to maintain communication and interaction with the group members at all times, and listen to the feedback of the group members to let them participate

community marketing focuses on word-of-mouth. Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. If word-of-mouth is good, one can affect the public. If word-of-mouth is bad, one can also affect the public. For example, social e-commerce is mainly about doing business in the circle of friends, which is spread through word-of-mouth among acquaintances. This kind of communication has a strong sense of trust, is relatively easy to spread, and has huge energy. This influence will be spread to unfamiliar groups through acquaintances, and finally form a huge market

the development of mobile Internet has changed the traditional 4P publicity method of enterprises. In the past, a TV advertisement may be able to create a sales miracle, but now, this effect is weakening, fewer and fewer people watch TV, and fewer and fewer people can watch advertisements for dozens of seconds calmly

in order to achieve success in advertising and marketing programs, today's enterprises need to express themselves in a personalized way on the Internet in addition to television. The development of community also puts forward higher requirements for the publicity methods of enterprises. In the publicity process, enterprises should learn to interact with consumers and create influence. Interaction is an important way for enterprises to influence consumers to understand consumers, find consumers who share values with enterprises, and then establish a community

enterprises should have the ability to influence the community. If they infect the community, it will be more helpful for consumers to recognize the services and products of enterprises; In the era of mobile Internet, information tends to be transparent. The transparency of enterprises can enable consumers to better perceive the value direction of corporate brands, get consumers' recognition of the value of brands, better maintain the community and form the power of the community

the development of niche brands, the increasing demand for personalization, and the rise of social dividends are both opportunities and challenges for enterprises. Using community marketing well will benefit enterprises immensely, otherwise it will be difficult to take steps





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