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With the continuous development of China's market economy, the competition between door and window manufacturers has become more and more intense. Coupled with the popularity of the concept of "big home" in recent years, businesses who come across the border to carry out door and window careers have accumulated day by day. Faced with the situation that the annexation of other occupations leads to the shrinking share of door and window shopping malls, how can door and window franchise manufacturers show their sharpness? Originally, to compete in shopping malls, the most important thing for door and window manufacturers is to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturer center

brand power is the only way for manufacturers to carry out

brand is the image symbol of manufacturers, and establishing a brand is the only way for a manufacturer to carry out sustainable development. When purchasing ceiling, many consumers don't know what goods are there, and usually only the manufacturer's brand is recognized. Therefore, without brand publicity and appeal, no matter how good the product news can be conveyed to consumers, it constitutes a lasting cognition of consumers. The greater the popularity of the brand, the more potential consumers it will attract. The reputation of the brand is to cultivate these wavering activity consumers into loyal consumers, so that they can become loyal to the brand, and even rely on the brand. Such repeated spending is possible

the key factor to improve the sales of goods

if the brand is a kind of appeal that can attract the attention of customers, it is always the goods that make them purchase after all. The quality, appearance, quotation and planning of goods all constitute the factors of consumer satisfaction and affect their purchasing decisions, which need to be completed through sensory experience. Originally, commodities and brands are interdependent and symbiotic, and brand assistance opens the way for commodities to attract customers. However, if commodities cannot pass the inspection of consumers, the brand reputation will also be backfired. Therefore, the commodity is the decisive factor of sales volume and the center that the door and window manufacturers need to surround all the time

the implementation force affects the purchase desire of consumers

manufacturers who do not want to expand the profits of shopping malls will not be persistent manufacturers. Manufacturers who are good at implementation will continue to add strength. If manufacturers' brands and goods want to adhere to vitality and form a lasting effect, it is necessary to go through promotion planning before they can be completed. The meaning of implementation is to promote and improve the exposure rate. On the premise of knowing the needs of the mall, carry out the implementation of brands and commodities with the best plan, expand, build and sell the policies, which will affect the purchasing desire of consumers

effective labor enables the manufacturer to repair both inside and outside.

for the door and window manufacturers, assuming that the brand is external beauty and the commodity is internal beauty, then service is to blend these two beauties together, so that the manufacturer can achieve real exterior and inside repair. Every service is also the key to implementation. Good service will promote the purchasing practices of consumers, leave a deep impression on customers and bring a return rate. Doors and windows cannot be equated with FMCG. The consumer pays the money and takes it home directly. It is almost a settlement with the seller. From selection to order, receipt, inspection, installation, and settlement, mistakes in every link may lead to the cessation of trading. Therefore, whether it is the customer service of the door and window franchise manufacturer, the shopping guide and sales personnel, delivery personnel, installation technicians, and after-sales service personnel of the physical store must ensure the high quality of service, adhere to the time with a smile, proper conversation, detailed instructions, and properly solve the questions of the consumers

In short, with the continuous expansion of the forces of door and window franchise manufacturers, the competition in door and window shopping malls will continue to intensify. Only by building the manufacturer's central competitiveness around the above four key points, can the door and window franchise manufacturers be afraid of any challenge in the ever-changing career innovation

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