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Sample furniture was not valued by consumers before. As people pay more and more attention to health, sample furniture also began to be favored, and many consumers even strongly requested to buy samples. In the face of such consumer demand, wardrobe enterprises should take action and seize the opportunity. The introduction of wardrobe Market samples is also a feasible strategy, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

sample furniture is becoming more and more popular for saving time to disperse flavor.

when shopping in the furniture market, citizens will find that many businesses have posted the label of "sample special price", which has attracted the attention of many consumers. A consumer surnamed Wang told the author that she has a special preference for a sample wardrobe, because the sample wardrobe has been placed for a relatively long time, and "taste" basically does not exist. In this way, buying it back is also a better guarantee for the health of the family, and the price of the sample product is relatively cheap

songguangsheng, Secretary General of the China indoor environmental testing Commission, told reporters that the formaldehyde contained in panel furniture, benzene emitted from the paint of solid wood furniture and volatile organic compounds had been placed in the store for several months, and after a period of "air flavor", the taste was milder than that of new furniture, so the sample furniture was loved by some consumers. As for the newly bought furniture, it usually needs to be placed indoors for a month or two before using, while the sample furniture saves the smelling time

wardrobe enterprises can regularly launch sample sales

in order to meet the needs of consumers to buy samples, wardrobe enterprises can regularly launch sample sales, which can not only meet the needs of some consumers, but also deal with part of the inventory, which can kill two birds with one stone for enterprises. Of course, when selling samples, the price needs to be lowered appropriately, and the range can be determined according to market conditions. After consumers buy the sample wardrobe, the perfect after-sales service still needs to be guaranteed. Such considerate service will only make consumers have a higher recognition of the brand, and will not make the enterprise "fall in price"

consumers should be cautious when purchasing sample wardrobes

although the price of sample wardrobes is relatively affordable, many of them are old-fashioned, and some places are damaged. Some salesmen of businesses also admit that the samples will indeed have defects. After a long time of placing, it may also lead to some "hard injuries", such as scratches and wear. Therefore, when buying sample furniture, consumers can't do what they want, and need to carefully identify. Industry insiders also reminded consumers that when buying furniture with clear dimensions such as bookcases and cloakboxes, they must show the house type map to the salesperson, check whether the size of the sample furniture meets the use needs of the room according to the size of the room, and do not blindly covet the cheap price of the sample furniture

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