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Nowadays, in this increasingly busy life, people are eager to get a seasoning that can completely relax and regulate the conversion spirit with simplicity and purity. Modern simple style, simple and smooth lines, simple and elegant colors and atmosphere, these characteristics have always been respected by people. The living room is the main place for people to rest, entertain and receive guests. The modern simple style living room can not only reflect the taste of the host, but also make people relax whether it is entertainment or talk. The following small series will introduce you some modern and simple renderings of medium-sized living rooms

the simple overall layout, with a bar set aside, meets the lifestyle of petty bourgeoisie. Sitting in the living room and looking out the window, the blue sky and green trees make a pleasant scene

casual positioning, forming a natural chat atmosphere, and dating three or five friends is a good choice to talk about your heart in your spare time. The most special thing in the whole living room is the decorative painting of the background wall. Abstract art is full of modernity

modern and simple living room layout does not need too much decoration. As long as a little ingenious design, the living room can show a unique flavor. Decorate the TV background wall with the wood grain of pleated trees to bring a primitive sense of nature to the living room




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