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the baby's room is sunny. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the formation of vitamin D and prevent the baby from suffering from infantile rickets, but attention should be paid to avoiding direct sunlight on the baby's face

if you are indoors, don't bask in the sun across glass, because glass can block ultraviolet rays and can't promote calcium absorption. In addition, the bedding of the baby and the mother should be often turned in the sun, so that it can be sterilized to prevent the inflammation of the baby's skin and respiratory tract

since babies are almost sleeping after birth, and their physical functions are still very young, babies must not be allowed to live in newly decorated houses. The baby room should try to avoid outsiders and smoking in the room to reduce air pollution. Also avoid noise and lampblack, and never be opposite to the kitchen to avoid being washed

the crib should be independent and placed in the center of the room, which reflects the idea of respecting it and is also conducive to the care of adults around, which is conducive to the growth and self-awareness of infants. Moreover, the position of head north and foot south is particularly suitable for newborn infants

the baby room should maintain a constant temperature and humidity. The room temperature should be 24~28 ℃ in summer, 22 ℃ in winter, and the humidity should be about 40%-50%. In winter, you can use heating and infrared stove for heating, but you must always ventilate to keep the indoor air fresh. When ventilating, pay attention not to blow the baby directly. In order to keep the air fresh in the room, wipe the desktop with a damp cloth and mop the floor with a mop. Do not dry sweep to avoid dust




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