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Environmental protection rectification has a far-reaching impact on the recycled plastics industry. In 2013, there was a surge of environmental protection rectification in the recycling market. Several important waste plastic markets in Shandong, Hebei and Zhejiang were rectified, causing confusion. A large number of processing workshops were forced to shut down, and the industry lost its way to make a living

according to statistics, in 2013, the market shutdown rate was as high as%, while the plastic related industries focused on the plastic products industry%. Among them, Cixi, which is famous for the processing of waste plastics, suffered a serious loss of market vitality under the pressure of the "100 day clearance" action. The city closed 3 illegal waste plastic trading markets and banned more than 830 illegal waste plastic production and processing households. 90% of waste plastic manufacturers basically shut down

the environmental protection rectification in 2013 has exhausted the industry. Then, in the coming 2014, where will the environmental protection rectification policies go? Different materials need different fixture strategies? What will happen in terms of scale and intensity? Through communication with local operators, this paper briefly expounds the environmental protection rectification situation of the recycled plastic market in the past 14 years

after the Spring Festival in 2014, kapeskov of the regeneration market was not very optimistic about the situation. Factors such as the decline of upstream raw materials and weak downstream demand have frustrated the confidence of the recycling industry, and the enthusiasm for entering the market has dropped sharply. The start-up of most markets has been delayed to varying degrees compared with previous years, and the pace of market recovery has been greatly delayed by the trade driving effect. At the same time, the environmental protection rectification policy that has affected the market for many years is still the focus that can not be ignored in 2014. After, there have been rumors about environmental protection rectification in waste plastic markets around the world. Zhuo Chuang has investigated and learned that the horn of rectification has been sounded in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Zhejiang and other places, and the pace of rectification continues. Affected by this, the operators are in a strong wait-and-see mood, and most of them delay the commencement. At present, the overall start-up of the regeneration market is only maintained at 20-30%, and the popularity is very weak

although the environmental protection rectification in 2014 remained the same, there were some deepening and changes compared with last year. It is understood that the management of Cixi municipal government changed a lot in 2014, and the later rectification measures need to be further clarified, which makes the operators confused about the next environmental protection actions. A few qualified manufacturers are also very cautious, lest the government introduce other more stringent production specifications and rectification measures. In addition, according to the industry, the rectification of Yuyao market in 2014 will be more stringent. The target of rectification is not limited to scattered processing factories. The manufacturers involved in the production in Yuyao plastic city will also become the focus of rectification and prohibition. This wave of rectification may start in March, and the industry is worried about it. At the same time, the scope of environmental protection rectification continues to expand. The scope of market rectification in Jiangsu was further expanded; Waste plastic manufacturers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang are also being rectified due to water pollution. At present, some operators are looking for new production sites and plants, and the commencement time is unknown... It can be seen that the environmental protection rectification momentum is even stronger in 2014, and the recycling market will face a new round of consolidation and ban

under the influence of multiple obstacles, such as bad upstream and downstream, deepening environmental protection rectification and suppression, the enthusiasm of recycling manufacturers to enter the market has been severely suppressed, resulting in a shortage of return material supply in the field, a lack of trading and investment, and the profit of the industry is difficult to guarantee, making the situation more and more embarrassing

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