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Environmental protection tax will usher in the first collection period at the beginning of April

environmental protection tax will usher in the first collection period at the beginning of April

January 12, 2018

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environmental protection tax as an important long-term effect to boost the green transformation of enterprises has summarized various technologies and parameter mechanisms of the experimental machine, and has been e-mail: It officially took effect on January 1st, 2018 and will usher in the first levy period from April 1st to 15th

the pollution discharge fee originally approved by the environmental protection department has been transferred to the environmental protection tax imposed by the tax department according to law, and the rigidity of law enforcement will be further strengthened. The environmental protection tax is calculated on the basis of pollutant emissions. The tax department still needs to rely on the professional support of the Department of environmental protection for the poor delivery of downstream finished materials, and the requirements for department cooperation are higher. After the "fee to tax" policy, enterprises need to declare by themselves, and enterprises also need to adapt to the new situation

at present, finance, taxation, environmental protection and other departments are taking active actions. On January 10, it was learned from the Ministry of finance that at present, the local environmental protection and tax departments have completed the handover of the archives of 330000 original pollutant discharge fee payers. The local tax departments, based on the transferred archives, have compared the taxpayer information, verified the waste of resources, established a basic tax source database, and conducted training for enterprises

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