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Shaanxi environmental protection patrol found more than 1000 environmental problems

Shaanxi environmental protection patrol found more than 1000 environmental problems

January 2, 2018

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; Xixian new area carried out the first round of inspection and law enforcement. During this inspection, 1038 environmental violations were found

according to mengweiping, deputy director of the environmental protection and Law Enforcement Bureau of Shaanxi Province, as of December 26, the inspection team had inspected more than 2400 enterprises on site and found 1038 environmental violations, of which 228 were caused by dust problems such as construction in the United States and the rise in aluminum prices; 223 environmental violations in industrial enterprises; 124 automobile repair and gas station renovation problems

during the inspection, the environmental protection department also found that some areas did not supervise the environmental problems handed over by the inspection and law enforcement team in a strict and timely manner. As of December 24, only 463 environmental violations have been rectified (including unexpired ones). Some enterprises have a fluke mentality of waiting and waiting, and produce in violation of laws and regulations. For example, Tongchuan Shengwei building materials cement plant refused to implement the regulations on peak shift production of industrial enterprises and used various excuses to carry out production in violation of regulations

mengweiping said that the problems found during the inspection should be handed over to all cities (districts) for investigation and treatment, and the investigation and treatment results should be reported to Shaanxi provincial inspection office, which will establish a list of problems and a rectification account, implement rectification within a time limit, and cancel the number one by one

monitoring shows that the atmospheric environment quality in Guanzhong area has been continuously improved compared with the same period last year. From December 1 to 25, the basic functions of the tensile testing machine were turned off: the average number of excellent days in 8 urban areas was 9.5 days, an increase of 6.2 days year on year. The comprehensive index of ambient air quality averaged 7.61, a year-on-year decrease of 27.8%

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