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The methods and means of the verification of China's packaging technology are basically the same. In 2001, the association will undoubtedly first adopt hydrostatic transmission as its main transmission device. The Expo of environmental tableware supplies, equipment, technology and green packaging materials will be held in Guangzhou from October 30 to November 1, and will also be held at the same time "Symposium and forum on pollution control of foaming tableware". The main contents of the exhibition are: technology, equipment and molds of degradable tableware and non degradable but recyclable tableware; Adhesives for environment-friendly tableware, professional water and oil proofing agents that have been used for many years; Green packaging materials and technical equipment, etc. The special seminar and forum on pollution control of foamed tableware will invite units such as the fast food tableware Inspection Department of the State Bureau of technical supervision and the environmental label certification authority to participate

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