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Mexican environmental protection project reduces plastic waste into the sea anipac, the Mexican Plastics Industry Association, announced the implementation of a project called "I care about my sea", striving to reduce the flow of plastic waste from the beaches of the country into the sea

during the Easter holiday in 2014, the pilot project was officially launched in chihuatanio, a Pacific Beach Resort, and received very positive results. Anipac, Mexico's National Plastics Industry Association, announced on April 1 that it plans to extend the project to Cancun, Los Cabos, Manzanillo, Veracruz and Acapulco this year

according to franciscade casopel á EZ, President of the association, some large containers are placed on the beaches of chihuatanio, enabling tourists to distinguish and store different types of garbage

in addition, the volunteer team will distribute 12000 plastic bags with how to use them printed on the outside. Many posters and banners are also posted in the hotel and hotel halls to support the project. Decaso said the project reduced the amount of waste entering the Pacific Ocean by half a ton every day

the municipal government of chihuatanio has adopted this project permanently since then. He added that anipac had signed formal agreements with the chihuatanio authorities, the National Restaurant canira to break through the technological bottleneck of preparation, utilization and industrialization, the Mexican navy and the National Environmental Protection Agency profepa

the National Plastics Industry Association of Mexico and boplast jointly designed this project during the use of in. Inboplast is an organization based in michaelcan Morelia and consists of 24 of Mexico's largest plastic bag and packaging manufacturers

According to anipac, 80% of the global marine plastic waste comes from land. In 2013, anipac also launched another project called "cero pellets" to organize plastic particles into the ocean

many instrument panels that use soft glue instead of hard glue have new product styles with novel shapes and colors to attract attention

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