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New products for environmental protection: ice cream cups made of corn alcas, an Italian packaging company, has developed a natural ice cream cup made of NatureWorks PLA, a plastic resin made of corn by Dow Cargill. Last month, the company exhibited their new environmental protection series 02 series at the Italian MIG ice cream Expo. 02 represents "zero consumption and zero waste", indicating the role of natural materials in reducing environmental impact. Energy saving materials belong to thermal insulation materials. The concept of NatureWorks is very simple. Cargill obtains carbon from the increase of the overall energy density of corn, releases it from oxygen during photosynthesis, and then stores it in grain starch, which is achieved by preventing starch from entering natural plant sugars. Through simple fermentation, separation and polymerization, carbon and other elements are used to make plastic polylactide. Therefore, the packaging made of NatureWorks is 100% natural

alcos Marketing Manager Giovanni pazzagl modified wood flour 20.0~30.0ia said: "it is a happy thing to eat our own ice cream, but we feel that it is more satisfying to enjoy ice cream with natural packaging. This is a simple thing that everyone can do." Alcas' 02 series includes five sizes of ice cream cups and containers with lids in a variety of transparent colors - orange, red, green, blue, yellow and crystal. Drinking cups, straws and spoons are also processed by NatureWorks

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