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Environmental protection + wide temperature! Arbor has strongly launched super power products

following the trend, leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computers has launched a series of low-power and environmental protection products, and now it has also strongly launched a series of wide temperature products. First of all, I would like to introduce a fan free low-power ETX module, arboretx--620e, which is a collector ring that means it will not break or shatter

arboretx--620e adopts the lx800cpu platform used by the new generation of embedded terminal series equipment. This platform is a CPU with low power consumption and high performance of high-performance polyolefin materials specially developed by AMD for the embedded industry. The ultra-low power consumption of the new generation terminal brings the fan free and ultra silent design of the whole machine, which gives customers a satisfactory answer


arbor's product etx--620e, which is strongly launched this time, features on-board amd low-power geodelx800cpu and fan free design. It reduces the workload of the experimenter, and supports CRT and LCD (24 bittft 18 bitlvds) display. In terms of communication, it has two RS-232 serial ports and four USB2.0 compatible interfaces, providing customers with great convenience

arboretx--620e terminal has the advantage that it can operate normally in a wide temperature space of minus 40 degrees to 80 degrees, reaching the limit of stable operation in harsh environments. At present, arboretx--620e has been successfully applied in the military field, and fully meets the functional requirements of the commander's task machine, such as data display and command control. It also greatly improves the first round hit rate of the artillery in terms of cold resistance and earthquake resistance

arboretx--620e will be the best solution for embedded control terminal equipment in military, communication, power, petrochemical, medical, financial, industrial control, test equipment, medical instruments, POS, POI and other industries

about arbor

arbor is a professional manufacturer of embedded applications and network solutions. It integrates R & D and production, and has a production plant in Shenzhen. By providing a variety of embedded board and network products in line with industry standards, we have completed numerous successful projects for our customers

arbor embedded products can be used by customers in automotive computers, game machines, medical equipment, network communication and storage, digital monitoring, industrial applications and POS logistics control equipment

arbor's embedded solutions are applicable to all levels of human life, comply with internationally accepted industrial standards and strictly defined quality management processes, and are committed to providing high-quality products to customers

arbor is a member of Intel communicationsalliance, providing customers with the most advanced international large-scale technology for embedded applications

arbor is based in China and takes a global view to create a convenient digital enterprise and digital life for customers. Wherever customers go, they are covered by arbor services

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