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It is essential to decorate the wardrobe in the new house. Many owners choose to let the carpenter fight the wardrobe on site in order to save money, but there are so many boards in the wardrobe, what kind of board do you choose to be more durable

it is essential to decorate the wardrobe in the new house. Many owners choose to let the carpenter make the wardrobe on site in order to save money, but there are so many boards in the wardrobe. What kind of board is more durable? The commonly used boards for woodworking wardrobe include finger board, joinery board and paint free board. So, which kind of plate should we choose to make better? Which kind of plate is more favorable? Next, the Millennium boat plate editor will take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these plates:

first, what is fir finger joint plate:

finger joint plate is also called integrated wood. It is composed of multiple boards, and the upper and lower parts are no longer stuck and pressed with plywood. Because the vertical boards adopt sawtooth interfaces, which is similar to the cross docking of two fingers, it is called finger joint plate

second, fir finger board has disadvantages:


1. The finger board is environmentally friendly, and the finger board uses less glue, which can basically reach the environmental protection level E0

2. Finger board is more economical than solid wood. It is made of short battens of solid wood, which can meet people's demand for solid wood at an affordable price

3. You can paint the finger board directly without pasting the panel first and then painting


1. The furniture made of finger board is not really solid wood furniture in the traditional sense. The real solid wood furniture is Falcon structure, which is panel furniture

2. There are also two kinds of finger joint plates: segmented and non segmented. There are scar holes in the segmented ones, and there are no scar holes in the non segmented ones, which is more beautiful. Some owners directly use finger joint plates to make furniture, and there is no need to stick decorative panels on the surface

3. The finger board lacks upper and lower veneers, and its bearing capacity is not as good as Blockboard

III. what is Blockboard:

blockboard, commonly known as big core board, is made of two pieces of veneer, which are glued between two pieces of veneer. After heat treatment (i.e. drying in the drying room), it is processed into short solid wood strips of a certain specification, which are spliced into intermediate wood plates manually or by a panel splicing machine, and then two layers of high-quality veneers are covered on both sides of the spliced wood plates, which are then glued by cold and hot presses. Blockboard is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, doors, windows and covers, partitions, false walls, heating hoods, curtain boxes, door panels, wall panels, etc

IV. advantages and disadvantages of blockboard:


1. Blockboard is made of solid wood lath and thin veneer and processed by special plywood structure. It has good nail holding performance, high strength, stable performance, strong quality, sound absorption, heat insulation and other characteristics. The moisture content of blockboard is not high, between 10% and 13%, and the processing is simple

2. Blockboard has good processing performance. When we use it for decoration, the requirements for processing equipment are not very high, and we can carry out on-site construction and processing

3. Blockboard has more upper and lower veneers than finger joint board, which belongs to special plywood. Its physical performance is better than that of the finger joint plate, which is not easy to appear distortion, deformation and other phenomena, has better stability, and has low risk of affecting the decoration effect


1. Blockboard uses more glue than finger board in the production process, which will release more free formaldehyde from low-cost urea formaldehyde glue. It is not as good as finger board in terms of environmental protection, which is why most Blockboard boards taste pungent

2. After the glue pressing of the upper and lower boards, the invisible middle boards have Jerry built phenomena, such as: the gap between the spliced solid wood strips is large, the bonding strength is not high, bark, rotten recycled wood and other problems

3. The wood veneer of precious wood is pasted on the surface of the blockboard. When making furniture, it also needs moisture-proof maintenance treatment. Instead of painting directly on the blockboard, it often needs to stick the decorative panel and then paint

Blockboard produced by Millennium boat, one of the top ten brands of board, is the best in the industry. It is made of high-quality Southern fir, poplar and Tung wood, the surface and bottom plate are overlaid with oguman, and the core plate is made of soft broad-leaved wood with uniform structure and small dry shrinkage, which is glued and pressed with natural environmental friendly adhesive. The product has the characteristics of good flatness, small color difference, light weight, not easy to deform, environmental protection up to E0 level, and can be widely used in indoor decoration and furniture production




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