Four ways to reuse the remaining wooden floor

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There are four ways to reuse the surplus wood flooring

most families treat these surplus flooring as waste or recycle, but in fact, these leftover materials can be used completely, and after simple processing, they can become very practical items

I: flower racks on the balcony

the simplest way to use the remaining floors is to build them into a flower rack. Especially in some families, the balcony space is large. A stainless steel bracket can be installed on the walls on both sides of the balcony, and then the leftover materials of the floor can be laid neatly, and a simple "flower garden" is born. Planting some green plants such as Chlorophytum comosum and vine can not only decorate the balcony space, but also decorate the balcony into a leisure area with elegant environment

after the flower rack is set up, if there is residual floor "waste", a row of floor scraps can be laid against the wall under the flower garden and fixed with glue to place small green plants or potted plants such as cactus and turtle backed bamboo. In addition to the flower rack that can be "transformed" into a balcony, if the width of the floor scraps can reach more than 10 cm, the combination of "stainless steel support + floor waste" can appear on the blank wall of the kitchen and become a simple storage cabinet with powerful storage functions to store condiments, dishes and other supplies. The same method can also be "copied" to the bedroom to build a simple bookshelf

II: book clip of the desk

books and documents on the desk usually need to be fixed with book clips. The quality of the floor is often excellent, and the pattern is beautiful. It is very suitable to use such a "waste" floor to make book clips. The production of the book clip is not complicated. It only requires two floors of the same size, and then slots on one floor according to the appropriate width, and then the other floor is partially coated with glue and assembled to form an "X" shape. Repair the edge of the floor with a saw, and finally bind a thin iron sheet at the bottom of the floor. A simple book clip is formed. If the color of the floor is light, you can also paint the book clips according to your preferences, or draw cute patterns by hand. It doesn't have a taste when you put it in the room

III: the display cabinet in the living room

it is also a good way to make a small display cabinet from the remaining materials of the floor, but the production method of the display cabinet is slightly complex, requires strong hands-on ability, and takes more time. The thickness of the bottom plate of the display cabinet should be wider than that of the side plate, which is more beautiful. However, if the floor cannot be evenly divided into two pieces to make the floor thinner, the side plate used to make the display cabinet can also retain the original thickness of the floor. The height of each side plate should be about 10 cm, so that the display cabinet shows a sense of staggering height. The most troublesome thing in the production is the bottom plate of the display cabinet. In order to fix the side plate, it is necessary to slot the bottom plate, and then insert the side plate into the bottom plate. The production of the top plate is relatively simple, and it can be directly fixed on the side plate with nails. The display cabinet made of it is placed in the corner of the room, and it is fun to put small vases and ornaments on it

four: the storage cabinet in the corner

the more the better the storage cabinet is in the room, and it is becoming more and more popular to use the corner as a storage area. Especially the balcony connecting the kitchen should share the storage pressure for the kitchen. By simply splicing the "big stuff" in the remaining floors after decoration, a storage rack can be made to place large pots, barrels of oil, bagged rice, etc. the floor with good quality has strong compression resistance, and the storage cabinet made of it has good performance. It should be noted that the manufacturing process of such storage cabinets is relatively complex, and it is best to be made by carpenters after the floor is paved





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