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Many people know that interior decoration is exquisite in Feng Shui, but they don't know that interior decoration is also a knowledge in Feng Shui color. Many people may choose their favorite colors when doing interior decoration. In fact, color matching and Feng Shui are very important, which not only reflects a person's taste, but also helps Feng Shui fortune. In interior decoration Feng Shui, how much attention is paid to color selection? Let's have a look

Is there any stress on the color of Feng Shui in interior decoration? Feng Shui advocates three suggestions for entry: the home porch refers to 6. The bathroom five elements belong to water after entering the door, so the color of the bathroom is best to choose gold white and water black and blue, which are elegant and can produce a sense of tranquility. Light blue, milky white, etc. also give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, which is more suitable for use in the bathroom. Thorns such as bright red should be avoided The color of the eyes makes toilet users irritable. Because the bathroom space is small, it will appear smaller when using this over inflated color, so this is what we need to pay attention to</p>
<p>indoor room color Feng Shui pays attention to teaching you to correctly match home color</p>
<p>living room color Feng Shui</p>
<p>yellow should be selected as the main color in the East living room</p>
<p>yellow itself is a rich color, and yellow is located in the East, which has the effect of attracting wealth; Choose yellow as the main color of the living room, and the color depth can be freely selected according to your preferences</p>
<p>the west facing living room should choose green harmony</p>
<p>the west facing living room has strong sunshine in the afternoon, especially in summer, the light is dazzling and hot, so it is suitable to choose light green to reconcile, and green furniture and broad-leaved plants can be placed</p>
<p>the south facing living room should choose white system</p>
<p>the South belongs to fire, and it is not suitable to use warm colors such as orange and bright red to decorate, and white systems such as rice white and pure white to reduce

the north facing living room should choose the warm color system

the north facing living room is generally not well exposed to the sun. Using warm colors with low saturation such as light red and light orange can add a warm and genial feeling

bedroom color Feng Shui

master bedroom color

the main tone should be warm, and the floor should be wooden. The possibility of adopting a specific style of color matching under the condition that the aesthetics of both parties are the same cannot be ruled out

color of the secondary bedroom

the secondary bedroom is generally inhabited by the elderly, and the convenience of the elderly should be considered when decorating. The bedroom color uses neutral or cold color, and the color cannot be too exaggerated, which will affect the psychology and sleep of the elderly

the color of children's bedroom

the color degree of children's room should also be matched. It is best to use colors that are easy for children to grow up healthily. The color is too dark, which makes children depressed; If the color is too bright, the child will feel uneasy and become grumpy. Therefore, in the choice of color, you can choose a light color system similar to the color according to your child's preferences

kitchen color Feng Shui

kitchen color may be easily ignored by everyone, but as a cook, kitchen color will also affect the mood of the cook. Whether a good dish can be made naturally depends on the cook, so the kitchen color cannot be sloppy. In the kitchen color Feng Shui problem, white is the best. Whether in terms of hygiene, or affecting our appetite and the mood of cooks, the unique purity and smoothness of white are the best choice

restaurant color Feng Shui

color will affect people's appetite, so this must not be ignored in restaurant decoration. In the decoration of the restaurant, it is best to use white, blue, red and yellow; If the restaurant is cold, it will affect the mood of eating. The restaurant is a happy place for the family, so the choice of warm colors symbolizes family harmony and happiness

study color Feng Shui

study is a quiet space, so soft color of study is the best. Elegant, bright and soft light colors, such as light blue, light beige, light green, etc., should be selected for the colors of wall and ceiling. However, it should also be matched according to different fates and different house phases. The study facing east darkens the room earlier because of the earliest exposure to sunlight and the earliest lack of sunlight, so it is safest to use light warm colors; The study facing south has the longest sunshine time, and the use of cold colors will make people feel more comfortable, and the color effect of the room is also better; The study facing west seems more comfortable with dark cool colors because it is affected by the strongest sunset in the day; The study facing north has no direct sunlight, so it should tend to use warm colors when choosing colors, and the chromaticity should be light

bathroom color Feng Shui

the bathroom should be fresh, so the bathroom color should be fresh and natural. White is the classic color of the bathroom. It looks clean and bright, which is consistent with people's needs for the bathroom. It is better not to use bright red or golden yellow in the bathroom. These colors belong to fire in the five elements, and the bathroom, as the excretion place of filth and the hiding place of "villains", cannot be made "fire"

indoor Feng Shui pays attention to decoration, ten taboos of home color

3 Purple will give space a sense of depression. Purple seems to be calm, fragile and slender, and always gives people infinite romantic associations. People who pursue fashion most admire purple. However, when decorating, a large area of purple will darken the overall tone of the space, resulting in a sense of depression. It is suggested not to put it in the room that needs a cheerful atmosphere or in the children's room, which will make people who are in it feel helpless. If you really like it, you can use it as a decorative highlight in some parts of the room, such as a corner of the bedroom, curtains in the bathroom and other small places

4. Pink will bring people irritable mood pink, a lot of use is easy to make people irritable. Some newlyweds like to use pink to create romance when decorating in order to adjust the atmosphere of their new house. However, the thick pink will keep people in a state of excitement. After a period of time, people living in it will have inexplicable anger, easy to quarrel, and cause irritability. It is suggested that pink should be used as an ornament in the room, or the concentration of the color should be diluted. A light pink wall or wallpaper can make the room warm

5. Red cannot be the main color of space for a long time. Chinese people believe that red is an auspicious color. Since ancient times, wedding houses decorated by newlyweds have been full of red eyes. Red also has a passionate and unrestrained meaning, full of burning power. But too much red in the room will overburden the eyes and produce a feeling of dizziness. Even if you are newly married, you can't keep the room under the main tone of red for a long time. It is suggested to choose red for soft decoration, such as curtains, bedding, handbags, etc., and use light beige or fresh white to match, which can make people feel refreshed and highlight the red festive atmosphere

6. Don't decorate the room with a single gold color. The gold color shines brightly, showing a bold and publicized personality. Under the simple white background, the vision will be very clean. But gold is one of the most easily reflected colors. The glittering environment is the most harmful to people's vision, which is easy to make people's nerves highly nervous and not easy to relax. It is suggested to avoid using a single gold decorative room in a large area during decoration, which can be used as the decorative color on wallpaper and soft curtain; On the wall of the bathroom, you can use gold mosaic with cool white or stainless steel. In order to make the living environment more friendly, you might as well put some small green potted plants in the corner to make the room full of interest

7. Orange will affect the quality of sleep. Orange red or orange is a vibrant and energetic color, which is unique in the harvest season. When it is used in the bedroom during decoration, it is not easy to calm down, which is not conducive to sleep. But orange will create a cheerful atmosphere in the living room. At the same time, orange has the effect of inducing appetite, so it is also an ideal color for decorating restaurants. Matching orange with chocolate or beige is also very comfortable. The clever color combination is a bold attempt of young people pursuing fashion

8. Don't use yellow in the study. It's cute and mature, elegant and natural, making this color system popular. Fruit yellow with gentle characteristics; Butter yellow exudes motive force; Golden yellow brings warmth. Yellow also has the effect of stabilizing mood and increasing appetite for healthy people. However, exposure to high-purity yellow for a long time will make people feel lazy, so it is recommended to decorate the passenger room and restaurant with an appropriate amount of decoration. Yellow is not suitable for the study, which will slow down the speed of thinking

9. Black should not be used in a large area. It belongs to water in the five elements and is a quite quiet color, so generally no one will decorate the bedroom wall with black. Many people use it in the bathroom, but also pay attention to the matching proportion. It is suggested to decorate a large area of black with appropriate gold, which will appear calm and luxurious; And collocation with white is an eternal classic; When matching with red, the atmosphere is strong and hot. Generally, red ornaments with high purity should be used on jewelry, which is mysterious and noble

as a close color of gold, yellow is still full of positive energy and can bring warmth to people, but yellow can stabilize mood and increase appetite. As a decoration color of restaurants, it is also a good choice. Note that yellow gives people active energy, and it is not suitable to put it in the quiet room of the room, such as study and bedroom lamp

interior decoration color Feng Shui: Black

black is invisible in Feng Shui, with water energy. Large area use can easily weaken the circulation of indoor air. It makes the room look more and more dead. Similarly, black also has negative energy, which is not beneficial to life. Therefore, in the black room decoration, try to match some other colors as much as possible to improve Feng Shui

interior decoration color Feng Shui: coffee color

the popularity and fashion of coffee make coffee color, as an interior decoration color, become one of today's popular colors. Coffee is a neutral warm bar, giving people a warm and elegant feeling. But the same negative air makes coffee not suitable for color decoration in places with fast energy flow, such as restaurants and children's rooms

interior decoration color Feng Shui: blue

blue is the color of the vast sky and sea. Designers usually match white and blue to form a variety of house decoration with seaside leisurely scenery. Blue has water energy, which can calm the nerves and regulate the nerves. People with high intensity of work use blue as the decoration color, which is conducive to good health. Due to the conflict between water and fire, blue is not suitable as the decoration color of the kitchen. But as the decoration color of bathroom, it can improve the room feng shui

interior decoration color Feng Shui: black and white with

black and white rooms have a strong sense of fashion and are often the first choice for successful people. Black is easy to bring Yin to the room, while white is easy to bring yang to the room. Many times, the owners of the black layout are easily upset and nervous. Therefore, in black and white with the decoration color, good feng shui effect should be mainly white, black for the shop. It not only makes the room look fashionable, but also achieves good feng shui effect

interior decoration color Feng Shui: Purple

the mystery of purple is like the Milky way





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