How to decorate toilet and bathroom safely

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Toilets and bathrooms are places where people wash away dust, eliminate fatigue, and relieve pressure, so people attach great importance to its comfort and safety. In addition to selecting high-quality appliances, attention should be paid to ceilings, floor tiles, doors and windows and other parts

in summer, due to the hot weather and dry temperature, decoration projects usually give people the feeling that they are convenient and easy to construct. However, a little carelessness will still lead to some adverse factors, so the following conditions should be paid special attention to in summer construction

first, pay attention to the stacking, storage, purchase or processing of materials. Semi finished wood, wood flooring or newly painted furniture should not be placed in the sun in a hurry, but should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry naturally, otherwise the material is not only easy to deform and crack, but also affect the construction quality

second, pay attention to the treatment of the facing base course, especially before pasting ceramic tiles, floor tiles and treating the wall surface, don't let the bottom layer of the facing be too dry. Generally, pour water before treatment, let it absorb for about half an hour, and then use cement mortar or gypsum powder for priming to ensure the firmness of the paste

third, pay attention to the aftermath maintenance. After the completed cement floor, 107 glue floor, or cement roof is completed, put some water every day for maintenance within three to five days to prevent cracking

fourth, pay attention to the rational use of chemical products. Before construction, read the instructions of all products, such as glue, adhesive, paint and other chemical products, and be sure to work at the temperature and environment mentioned in the instructions to ensure the stability of the quality of chemical products

v. pay attention to site safety. In summer, people wear less clothes and sweat easily. When entering the construction site, they should do a good job of labor protection. Bare feet are easy to be pricked by nails. Remember to cut off power during circuit installation





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