Four characteristics of sunshine room

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After a busy day, people can also feel the four seasons of the indoor and outdoor scenery at home, let the mottled sunlight sprinkle in the sunshine room through the leaves

introduce nature into the residence, let the sun bathe in life, have transparent contact with the starry sky, have a close dialogue with the wind and rain, and make life full of a picturesque scenery. Another wave of sunshine is coming, and the spring is strong, which has aroused the lazy bug in my heart. How can I stand the tease of the spring sunshine? So today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the characteristics of sunshine room

first, the sunlight room has good daylighting performance

the sunlight room changes from the terrace or balcony, and there are also villas covered outdoors. Although the space is small, generally the glass windows are large and the light is sufficient, so it is also called the glass room. Glass is a magical plastic material, which not only expands our vision, but also cleverly connects the indoor and outdoor scenery with nature. Match with comfortable furniture and plant considerable flowers to create a more comfortable and romantic leisure space. In fact, careful people can observe that in many high-rise buildings, the windows are basically floor to ceiling windows, and the lighting performance of such windows is very good. In some high-end residential or residential areas, in fact, we can find that some families have directly opened skylights in order to increase the lighting area

second, increase the interest of life

the vision of the sunshine room is very broad. After a busy day, people can also feel the four seasons of the indoor and outdoor scenery at home, and let the Mottled sunshine sprinkle in the sunshine room through the leaves. Not everyone has such opportunities, and the time of turning on the light can also be extended for oneortwo hours every day, because the brightness of the house can be illuminated by the moonlight at night, At this time, you can also enjoy the beautiful starry sky at night, which not only achieves the effect of energy saving, but also increases the interest of life

third, to prevent the harm of noise

when choosing materials for sunshine room, it is right to decisively choose broken bridge aluminum. Broken bridge aluminum is a new profile. Today, with the development of science and technology, anti noise glass is designed. You should know that 85% of the area of a window is glass, while 95% of the area of sunshine room can be said to be glass Broken bridge aluminum is noise proof and sound insulation. Its structure has been carefully designed with tight joints, and the air sound insulation capacity reaches 30-40db. Today's double-layer insulating glass is a new product of this era, which can effectively reduce the noise of more than 35 dB

IV. purify the air

the sunlight room or the skylight with inclined roof can make the air enter the room in a whirling way. It is not like the casement window. The air flow enters the room directly. In cold winter, opening the skylight will not make you feel a sense of cold wind blowing on your face. This feeling is actually very soft, and this softness will further make the indoor air more fresh

the above points are Xiaobian's summary of sunshine room. I believe there are still Xiaobian who hasn't got a place. I hope we have the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other, and I believe that more and more people will know sunshine room better





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