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Since the first episode of "Goddess' new clothes" was broadcast, "goddess", "new clothes" and other topics have been popular in the mainland. The combination of Goddess and clothes makes it more negative and attractive! However, the goddess can't show her "goddess model" perfectly without "packaging", so she also needs a colorful neon dress to package herself, so as to better show the charm of her goddess. At the same time, if you add a male god to accompany you, then you can only use "perfect" to describe it

people say that women (goddesses) are like clothes, so does such a "dress" need a "Wardrobe" that can contain everything and has a broad mind? Women like clothes, women like clothes need a wardrobe like a male god. A wardrobe like male god can contain everything about her and give her all-round protection and love

as a man with a broad mind that is tolerant of women, he should be like a wardrobe to store clothes. He should not only pay attention to the outside, but also have practical functions, do both inside and outside, and always take care of this different dress. People rely on clothes. Every woman who loves beauty wants to have a set of her own "Wardrobe" and collect her unique "clothes" in the world. Therefore, the "Wardrobe" is a very important existence for women. Generally, the selection of "Wardrobe" will be very cautious and will be investigated in many ways

no.1 manmolly wardrobe

the novel and extraordinary cloth "hand scratch" texture is fashionable and unique. It has its own personality and characteristics and does not follow the trend. The corresponding man is an independent, clear-minded man who makes people think he can quickly locate. The representative figure: Deng Chao

no.2 the e-Sense wardrobe

is low-key and a little witty. When calm, there is an occasional sentence of wisdom, a slightly mature dress, but there are always some finishing touches, which will not make people feel old-fashioned. A thick magnetic voice tells people a story of vicissitudes... Representative: Wu Xiubo

no.3 post Jane m family wardrobe

simple but not simple, a few random lines reveal a fresh and refined temperament, natural to carve, do not deliberately whitewash anything, but show the natural and true side, move people with sincerity, representative figure: Hu Ge

no.4 gold oak wardrobe

oak is heavy and hard, with straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color, beautiful texture, high mechanical strength and wear resistance. Good texture, excellent toughness, flexible and strong quality. Although it is relatively young and fashionable in appearance, it is actually stronger in heart, ambitious, diligent and capable, with full potential. Representative: Lin Zhiying

no.5 plain and elegant Yiwen wardrobe

when I grew up abroad or returned from studying abroad, I received the edification of foreign cultures and customs. I am knowledgeable and elegant in speaking, but I am not arrogant, modest and simple. I don't need the restraint of noble and gorgeous appearance. I am a style, a trend, and the representative: Wang Leehom





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